Participation Fee

The participation fee per team for the Telders Competition of 2013 is € 1.250,-.

The participation fee is a minimum fee, based on a team with one team coach and four students. 

This covers the organisation costs of the Moot Court Competition, as well as the following expenses:


  •  Welcome drinks and dinner on Wednesday 24 April
  •  Coffee/tea, lunches and dinners on Thursday 25 and Friday 26 April 
  •  Coffee/tea and farewell drinks on Saturday 27 April

Additional staff members, coaches or additional students are charged an extra fee of € 250,- per person. If a National Pre-Selection Round is held in any given country, only the winning team has to pay the participation fee.

Unfortunately, no waivers of the particpation fee will be granted. However, in previous years various teams have been able to find sponsors in their own country to support their participation in this prestigeous event. These sponsors have included embassies, law faculties, law firms and other interested organisations. Of course, we can cooperate and assist your team in finding sponsors so that the team can take part in the Competition.

Please remember that the deadline for the receipt of the participation fee as set in the time schedule of the current year is to be met by each team. Non-payment of costs related to the Competition (including all hotel costs) means exclusion from the given university of participation in next year’s Competition.

Travel and Accommodation

Teams will have to make their own travel arrangements to and from the Netherlands, which means both transport and visa.

With regard to the accommodation, we are able to help you find a suitable accommodation that is in your budget and close to the place of the Competition, however the hotel costs will be at the team's own expenses.

Should you have any further questions regarding any of these matters, please do not hesitate to contact the Telders Organizing Office. 

Tips for finding sponsors

Each year some teams have difficulties finding sponsors. This can be a hard task but not an impossible one. Therefore the Telders Organizing Office would like to provide some tips for finding financial aid.

Make a budget 

Start by making a budget including the participation fee, travel costs, visa fees, hotel & transportation costs, and food & drinks. Note that we will provide teams with dinner on Wednesday and lunch & dinner on Thursday and Friday.


Each year teams manage to find sponsor from different organisations, such as law firms, businesses, foundations, ministries, embassies and banks. If you need invitation letters for approaching sponsors from TOO, please let us know.

You may inform the potential sponsors that they will be named in our programme booklet and review report.

Be creative!

Do not restrict yourself to monetary needs: An airline company may agree to sponsor tickets, rather than giving money.

For questions please do not hesitate to contact us at the Telders Organizing Office.

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