Voices on the Programme

III. Voices on the Programme


"The Programme, ideally located in The Hague, offers students the unique opportunity to have a face-to-face conversation with Judges and other people working in International Criminal Justice".

Judge Elizabeth Odio-Benito, International Criminal Court

"This is an excellent programme. It is a pleasure to meet such dedicated professors and talented students from all parts of the world and to discuss criminal law and ICC procedure with them at the Court or at Campus Den Haag".

Judge Ekaterina Trendafilova, International Criminal Court

"As an LL.M. Adv. graduate, it is wonderful to meet new generations of interns and professionals from Leiden at the Tribunal each year".

Thomas Wayde Pittman, Senior Legal Officer, ICTY

Meeting with Mr. Ben Ferencz, November 2009

"After my LL.M., I started to work for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia and was involved in ICJ proceedings".

Nino Tsereteli, LL.M. Adv. (2007-2008)

"The LL.M. Adv.'s academic and professional training proved to be crucial in a competitive environment like London".

Matthias Vanhullebusch, LL.M. Adv. (2006-2007), LL.D. Candidate SOAS London

"As someone not holding an undergraduate law degree, I found this programme to enrich one's skills in complex problem analysis and disciplined legal writing. Its instructors avoid spoon feeding students in favour of promoting self-reliance. If one chooses, one can graduate with a well informed career focus and superior professional skills portable to a wide scope of work situations."
Joe Howard, LL.M. Adv. (2009-2010)


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