NWO Research Project on Post-Conflict Justice and Local Ownership

The Post Conflict and Local Ownership Working Paper Series aims to hosts the research papers by the project staff, the work-in-progress by the PhD candidates and external participants to the Post Conflict Justice Lecture Series and Conferences. In addition we encourage all interested researchers in various disciplines (political science, law, peace research) to submit the background papers on the project themes:

  1. rationales and methodologies of external intervention in justice responses
  2. the societal impact of international criminal proceedings
  3. capacity-building and legal harmonisation in post-conflict situations

The purpose of this collection is sharing and stimulating international discussion. To this purpose, research papers are only collected in English and the authors are encouraged to post them also on SSRN. Authors of working papers are welcome to submit a proposal for the PCLO Lecture Series.

Visiting and Hague-based experts and practitioners will be invited to share experiences within the framework of a project-specific lecture series on “Post-Conflict Justice and local ownership“

Papers are expected to meet high quality standards and will be refereed by the editorial committee of the working series. The papers will be available as Acrobat (*.PDF) files at this website.

Papers submitted for the PCLO Lecture Series will have to include an abstract of max 300 words and a list of keywords. We kindly request the authors to ask permission to keep the working paper accessible on the Internet after publication.

Before submitting a working paper, please take note that the Style Guidelines are respected. You can send your working papers in Word or Wordperfect format by e-mail to Dr. Carsten Stahn, Programme Director, Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies, at .

Post-Conflict Justice and Local Ownership

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