NWO Research Project on Post-Conflict Justice and Local Ownership

This Event series is designed to enhance dialogue between international and domestic actors on the goals and ‘local’ effects of justice and the empowerment of domestic legal systems.

October 8 2009 The Transitional Justice Process in Colombia (click for pdf report)

October 29 2009 The Role of the International Community in Colombia´s Transitional Justice Process” by Mr. Marcelo Alvarez (click for pdf report)

For more information on Colombia and Post-Conflict Justice and Local Ownership, see the articles on Colombia on our resources page.

November 24 2009 ASF´s Roundtable Launch of “The application of the Rome Statute by national Courts in DRC – A case study & Keynote by Professor Roger Clark

Prof. Roger S. Clark gave a keynote on the ICC Review Conference which was followed by a presentation and roundtable on a recent publication of ASF ('Avocats Sans Frontières).

This case study, originally published in French in March 2009, provides a detailed examination of the decisions of the Congolese military tribunals concerning international criminal law. The panel discussion explored DRC practice in relation to the investigation and prosecution of international crimes and the challenges and difficulties faced by judges.

Click here to see the full report

February 18 2010 Suzannah Linton on Bangladesh 2010: Prosecuting International Crimes from the 1971 War of Liberation in a 100% domestic court

Associate Professor Linton will provide an overview of the 1971 conflict and the current situation in Bangladesh and will focus on the International Crimes (Tribunals) Act 1973.  This act, notable for its time, was only marginally amended in 2009. This year, it is supposed to form the basis for a 100% domestic prosecution of 38 year old crimes such as genocide, crimes against peace and crimes against humanity.

Associate Professor Linton has been teaching Public International Law, International Criminal Law and related courses at the University of Hong Kong since joining in 2005.  Prior to her academic career, she worked for many years with international organizations, including with the ICTY, OSCE in Bosnia-Herzegovina, as well as the UN in Cambodia and East Timor where she was a prosecutor for Serious Crimes. She publishes widely and participates in major international research collaborations, one of which is the International Expert Framework on the codification of general rules and principles of international criminal procedure.  In Hong Kong, she is working on a major government-funded research project on Hong Kong’s War Crimes Trials.



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