I. Programme

  • Type of programme: Full-time or part-time
  • Duration: One year (if full-time), start in September
  • Entry Requirements: Full degree in law (offering access to legal practice) with sufficient knowledge of public international law, or equivalent degree and/or sufficient professional experience in the field, at the discretion of the Board of Admissions.

Graduation Ceremony LLM Advanced Public International Law 2011-2012
Based both in Leiden and The Hague, this unique LL.M. programme offers a forum for intensive, high-level postgraduate study in public international law, with specialisations in Peace, Justice and Development, and International Criminal Law.
  • Tailor-made courses for advanced students and professionals
  • Personalised seminar style teaching
  • Lectures by practitioners and experts from judicial institutions (ICC, ICJ) and distinguished academics from the Leiden Law School
  • Close integration with international legal institutions and the legal community in The Hague
The programme is both foundational and specialised, allowing students to focus on areas of individual interest.

General Courses

  •  Public International Law
  • International Institutional Law
  • International Dispute Settlement
  • International Humanitarian Law
  • International Human Rights Law


Specialisation Peace, Justice and Development


  • International Relations 
  • Peace and Security
  • International Economic Law
  • Sustainable Development
  • United Nations System
  • International Criminal Justice


Specialisation International Criminal Law


  • International Criminal Trials
  • International Crimes
  • Individual Criminal Responsibility
  • Law and Practice of the ICC
  • International Criminal Procedure
  • Advocacy and Criminal Litigation
Please see the e-prospectus for an overview of the courses.

For a detailed description of our programme, the courses and application procedure, please visit the LLM Advanced PIL website.


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